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Articles in Leeds

Choosing a University Leeds

Making the decision about which university to attend can be a difficult one. The articles that follow will shine a light on things to consider before you make your final decision on where to start the next phase of your school career.

Student Finance Leeds

Sorting out your finances is part of becoming a responsible adult, and it becomes more important as you take on the financial burden of attending university. The articles in this section will help you through various financial issues, such as paying for university, budgeting your own money and much more.

Getting a Job Leeds

Whether you're attending university, thinking about it, or are already done, you may be considering finding a job. Get some tips on how to become gainfully employed from the articles found right here in this section.

Student Housing Leeds

One thing that is on the minds of most people about to attend university is where they are going to live. If you'd like a primer in student housing options and some help deciding which one is right for you, continue reading.

How to Choose the Right Courses Leeds

Choosing the right courses to study can be just as important as choosing which university to attend. Make sure you end up studying the subject you're most interested in with some help from the articles in this section.

Student Life Leeds

Going to university isn't all about studying--the social aspect is just as important to students' growth and the advancement of their careers. Find out more about what to look for in the student life of a university before you decide where you want to go.

International Students Leeds

Attending university brings with it a whole host of things to be concerned about, and even moreso if you're an international student. Read on for some ideas on things to keep in mind as an international student.

Your Application Leeds

Submitting your application to the universities of your choice can seem like a daunting task. Don't let it hamper your spirits--get through the process with some tips and tricks from the articles in this section.